Art in Gambling

With art being presented in many different art forms throughout history, there have been famous pieces of art depicting gambling with interesting stories behind them. This article will showcase some of these art pieces and information on who created them.

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At the Roulette Table – Edvard Munch

At The Roulette Table was painted by Edvard Munch in 1892 while staying in Nice in the south of France. He was a regular visitor to the Monte Carlo Casino. The painting depicts a nervous atmosphere as his emotions were when playing Roulette.

Slot Machine Queen – Shelly Wilkerson

Slot Machine Queen is one of only a few gambling arts pieces depicting a female gambler. The painting was created by Shelly Watson and is a bright and fun depiction of an older female gambler winning on a mechanical slot machine in a casino.

Soldiers Playing Cards – Fernand Leger

Soldiers playing cards were painted by Fernand Leger and depicted an obscure vision of soldiers, which resembles Picasso’s painting technique. The cube-like resemblance of the soldiers created an interest among art lovers and artists alike and is still known as one of the most famous paintings resembling a form of gambling.

Dogs Playing Poker – Cassius Coolidge

Dogs Playing Poker is one of the most well-known pieces of art displaying a form of gambling. The artwork was created by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge in 1894 and was commissioned by Brown & Bigelow to advertise cigars. There were 18 different paintings in the series which depicted dogs playing poker.

This painting has been depicted and recreated in various forms of entertainment.

The paintings on this list showcase gambling in an art form and represent the love and passion that the artists had with casinos and gambling.

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