Visit Rene illustrations frequently for up-to-date information on art, artists, and upcoming exhibitions in Canada. The articles on this blog are all focused on keeping art lovers in Canada up to date on all the latest news in art.

Canada has a rich history in the art can be seen as a country will talent that has spread through history up until today. As the love for art in Canada still runs deep, we are dedicated to bringing artists and art lovers vital information, fun facts, and insights about the art world in its international form and its local presence.

Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

Attending art events and exhibitions is a fun and interesting way for the public to witness local and international art from various artists. This gives you a chance to see new techniques and styles of painting and how it affects the world through telling stories on current world events.

Throughout Canada, there are many exhibitions to attend right through the year. We provide information on the most anticipated events and exhibitions that are happening in Canada and detail what to expect from the events.

Art and Artists

With Canada’s rich history of having world-renowned artists and museums that display historical art pieces, you can expect to read interesting and factual articles on this blog. We only release reliable and informative posts to engage our readers with current topics in the art world.

Renne Illustrations also release articles on historical artists who have created some of Canada’s most famous art and have brought the country into the art world since the French colonial period.

Digital Illustrations and Graphics

Digital Illustrations and Graphics are seen as a modern art form and comprise a variety of computer-generated images and art that are used to showcase famous pieces of art as well as new design art by modern illustrators. T

Visit Rene Illustrations frequently for the latest news and insights into the art world. Learn about historical and new Canadian artists and stay up to date on upcoming exhibitions and art events.

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