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With the rich history that Canada has with art, there are many blogs dedicated to Canada’s art world. The blogs on this list are all dedicated to national art, artists, and exhibitions.

AGO Insider –

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AGO is based in Toronto and posts up to 3 articles each week. AGO is also the art gallery of Ontario and an art museum in the Downtown Grange Park district. The gallery and museum’s art collection includes more than 80000 pieces of art which can be dated back as far as the 1st century.

They have some of the most famous modern art pieces as well.

Fine Art Collector –

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Fine Art Collector stands as one of Canada’s leading online art galleries. The gallery sells fine art by major artists and hosts online art auctions. The blog educates people about the beauty and value that lies in Canadian fine art.

They share their philosophy in art with fellow art collectors and enthusiasts. Fine Art Collector is based in Ontario and posts frequent updates on its blog.

Visual Arts News –

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Visual Arts News Magazine is dedicated to contemporary visual art in Canada. It commits releasing balanced, engaging, and informative articles on visual art and artists from Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and established in 2012, this magazine is a trusted resource for learning about visual art and its presence in Canada.

Canadian Art –

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Canadian Art is Canada’s leading and most popular arts magazine based in Toronto. The magazine posts up to 1 article a month as well as releases its monthly magazine that is published by the non-profit Canadian Art Foundation.

Canadian Art Junkie –

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The Canadian Art Junkie Blog stands as a selection of painting, photography, illustrations, and visual art from Canada. Most of the information found on this blog has a focus on national Canadian art exhibitors and artists.

The blog was established in 2011 and has grown into a popular online destination for art lovers in Canada.

By visiting any of the blogs on this list, you can be sure to stay up to date on all the latest news and insights into Canada’s art scene. Find out about all the upcoming exhibitions, new artists, contemporary and historical art, and more.

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